10 ways to balance your personal life and business during the festive season

Let’s be clear, it’s extremely important that you make plenty of time available for enjoying the Christmas festivities with your family and friends, leaving the needs of your business to one side if only for a few days – you know you deserve it!

But it’s not an easy thing to do, achieving the right balance between your personal time for enjoying the festivities and the demands of business can be difficult to manage. That’s why the following 10 tips will help to smooth the way and ensure the balance is just right….

  1. Preplan and prioritise – before you do anything, sit down and plan out your time, setting down your personal and business priorities for the festive season; what’s a must do, what can wait etc.
  2. Don’t worry about the little things – business stuff will still be there in January! Focus on the here and now; enjoy your Christmas.
  3. Outsource in your business where you can – if you’ve identified priority tasks that must be completed, why not outsource to a Virtual Assistant. Glow Virtual Assistants offer a number of services such as administration, bookkeeping, event planning any much more, all delivered by an experienced team.
  4. Get extra help with domestic and personal stuff, like cleaning, cooking, childcare, shopping or errands, either from family/friends or professionally, to ease the strain. That sounds good doesn’t it!
  5. Get support to give you clarity, balance and direction in your business and life – get yourself a business coach by joining HBR Superwomen Membership Club, let them help to guide you.
  6. Enjoy some down time – make ‘making memories’ with family and friends over the festive season a priority over making money from business.
  7. Have some fun and rest to recharge those batteries – you might not even realise you’ve become a little jaded and tired! Taking time out will ensure that you’re ready to start 2020 with lots of energy to run your business and even take it to new levels.
  8. Be sure to SET BOUNDARIES – if you do have to work all through the Christmas period (which is likely if you run a seasonal business) then be clear about when you will work and when you will play, and make sure your staff and family know this too!
  9. Don’t sacrifice your wellbeing – as a business owner you will be managing your business (plus all the extra responsibilities, e.g. parenthood) throughout the year so remember to use the festive season as a way to replenish yourself and not just to stop work in favour of family responsibilities and festive duties. Whilst trips to see Santa with the family are all well and good, a spa break or afternoon tea can do wonders for the soul. That sounds good!
  10. Get some headspace from your business – taking a step back will allow you to strategically reflect on your business and make better plans for its future success (so taking personal time away from it will actually strengthen it!!)

There’s no one solution, no one size fits all when it comes to successfully achieving your work / life balance over the festive period, but hopefully you’ve now got some pointers that will help you to make time to enjoy yourself in the knowledge that you’re not neglecting your business – in fact, you’re probably going to make it stronger when you return refreshed in 2020.

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