Are you going to grab life by the horns, or let circumstances decide your fate?

Do you know that the number one reason why women start a business is due to circumstances?

We have a baby

We get made redundant

We move

Etc, etc

However, it is not always our choice, it is being forced to reduce our working hours, having the job pulled away from us, having added responsibility in life – but what if we made it our choice?

Back in 2013 I was made redundant from my role as a Lettings Manager, and as I had worked up to that position in Estate Agency since I had graduated in 2009, I was devastated.

To make things worse, this all happened while I was on maternity leave with my first child and within the month I was due to go back to work (and to sanity away from purely speaking at my baby all day every day!)

With another mouth to feed me and my husband knew we desperately needed another income coming in, so I found myself in the situation where I would have done almost anything to earn money.

So after being approached by a friend of a friend who needed help setting up an Estate Agency business, I decided to become self employed.

Today this business is known as Glow Virtual Assistants, and employs staff and freelance consultants to support hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs with their back office operations.

Looking back, if I had realised how amazing self employment was, when I finished my Business Management degree I would have delved right in to building a business from the start of my career, rather than waiting for that moment of desperation, which did make many of my early decisions forced.

What I am getting at here is that if you are currently unhappy in your employment or what you are currently doing in life, don’t wait for circumstances to force change – instead choose to change things yourself today.

Now I head up my second company, HER Business Revolution, which connects, supports, educates and empowers female entrepreneurs, and I always advise my mentee clients to take control of their own destiny.

If you are waiting for something to happen to force you to change your life, then you could be waiting forever, or worse it might one day be too late to make the change.

Life is too short to leave it up to external factors to decide whether you follow your dreams or not.

Plus, even through employment was once the safe bet, with the current job market consisting of underpaid staff, redundancies, a huge gender pay gap, and a shortage of real and worthy job opportunities (especially in part time roles that fit around childcare), it is now no longer always the best option for the modern day woman.

Behold, being self employed means you take back control of your career, your choices, your opportunities, and your life as a whole.

Yes it is hard work, yes it takes time and commitment to earn amazing money, and yes you will have to make some sacrifices, but ultimately it allows you to follow your true passions and do what you love every single day of your life.

And how awesome is that?

Plus, if I had a ‘normal’ 9 to 5 job, I would not be able to spend the school holidays with the kids or take days off at the drop of a hat.  I also wouldn’t have the flexibility to work when I wanted, and to plan out my own path in life and embrace exciting opportunities along the way.

So, my question to you is do you:

A) Want to let life’s circumstances control your fate?


B) Grab your life by the horns and choose how you want it to play out?

Only you can decide.

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