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Body Confidence: Changing how we view body imperfections could change the world!

Have you stood in front of the mirror, sucked in your tummy, shifted from one angle to another, let it all out again, and then felt that horrible feeling of not wanting to go out because you feel fat and ugly?

This SUCKS! Surely it shouldn’t matter what we look like with or without clothes on?

Where has this thought process come from?

It is society trying to put us all into boxes, and not excepting us for who we really are.  We need to learn to be confident with the body we have and the way we look, and not try and become what other people think we should be!  We should all celebrate being unique!

Young girls today can’t get away from this issue and it is taking over their lives.  They see it on TV, on the internet, on advertisements boards, and in magazines.  Why must images of already beautiful women be airbrushed to something non-achievable?  It is not just teenagers that have been body confidence issues; girls as young as 5 years old have been reported to have body image hang-ups.  It’s shocking to know that girls this young are already worrying about how they look, and what people think about them!

After watching a documentary about Beyoncé, I was surprised to learn that she has body confidence issues too!  Did you know she wears big earrings to cover her ear lobes because she thinks they are fat?  To us this may seem silly!  How can ear lobes be fat?  Well I bet we all look at ourselves and see something that is different about our bodies; something that we see as abnormal, and that we absolutely hate!

It is refreshing to find out that celebrities (like Beyoncé) have issues with their bodies the same as other women, especially as many of us women strive to achieve the ideal body of that we are shown that models and celebrities have.  However, we are not given the true image of famous women, and they too have imperfections that they dislike about themselves.  At least we are not in the public eye being judged every second of every day for what we look like.  It’s enough just walking into a room full of people and feel their eyes are on you, could you imagine being judged by the world?

Even though I am not in the public eye, I felt that all eyes were on me for years, all because of my armpits!

After giving birth to my daughter I chose to breast feed her.  As she was my second child the hospital staff presumed I had breast fed before and didn’t offer me any help, and as my baby wasn’t latching on properly, my body began producing far too much milk.  Due to this, one morning I woke up and I couldn’t put my arms down, as my breasts were so full that the milk had then gone to my armpits!

After a desperate phone call to my health visitor she came to my house and helped me to express the milk – I have never known such relief!  This caused sagging skin in my armpits and I struggled with this for years, and always wore tops that covered these areas.

But now I have changed my perspective and when I look at my saggy armpits in the mirror I am able to see them as a beautiful reminder of doing something amazing for my child, and not as an ugly flaw in my body as I did before.

We shouldn’t see these things as abnormal, they are our own beautiful imperfections.  

 The bits that make us different to everyone else, and make us who we are.

Today I challenge you to turn what you think is your imperfection, into your perfection!

 Today I challenge you to compliment people, instead of knocking their confidence!

You have the power to change the way you look at yourself, and how someone else looks at their self.

Serena Fordham (Founder of Her Business Revolution and Glow Virtual Assistants) has unlocked this power by  compiling and publishing a book called ‘Stories of She’, which is in association with Inspired Women, who visit schools to help young girls overcome body confidence and self-esteem issues.

This book is made up of poems and stories written by 13 amazing women about these issues, and it is hoped that the women who read it will draw strength from it themselves, or empower them to support someone they know who is suffering through these issues.

As well as raising awareness of the Inspired Women project, the book also raises funds for two charities (Break and Nelson’s Journey).

Get your ‘Stories of She’ e-book here,  or order a paper copy here.

Written by Kerri Page, CEO at Glow Virtual Assistants

Kerri’s background is in small-medium size business, from administration to managing teams and their workloads. She’s handled high-profile contracts with prisons, hospitals and military bases and has been responsible for emergency call out contracts which required immediate responses.

Kerri now heads up our Property Division, managing holiday rentals, student lets and various properties for our clients.

Contact her through www.glowva.co.uk .

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