Corporate Social Responsibility: What does charity and fundraising mean to you?

What’s your idea of helping charities and fundraising?

 Donating a few pennies to collectors as you’re about to leave the supermarket; a sponsored skydive, walk, fast or silence?

 There are many ways we can help raise funds for charities and organisations, all of which are commendable.  But are we doing them?

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to helping people less fortunate than ourselves; however sometimes we need a little push in the right direction in order to act now in the aid of others!

It’s all too easy to say…

“I’ll do something next time” or “My donation won’t make much of a difference, so why bother?”

I myself have needed to use a Food Bank when I have hit desperate times.  If it wasn’t for people donating food my children would have starved.  Now I make it my duty to donate a box of food every Christmas to the Food Bank.

I now ask myself why do I only do this at Christmas?

There are eleven other months in the year where people are desperately in need of food, yet I only do this generous act over the festive period!

Giving to charity doesn’t have to cost you anything more than your time.

There was a drive set up in Cromer to make sanitary towels for women and young girls in Uganda.  At present, the females in Uganda are forced to use leaves to try and keep themselves clean during their period.  Females must stay home one week every month, and miss out on education, work and seeing other people, all because they don’t have access to sanitary wear!

This type of charitable help simply needed man (or woman) power to go and help make the sanitary towels but did I go?  The answer is NO, and here are the excuses…

  1. The children needed to go to the library.
  2. The dog needed walking.
  3. Meals needed sorting, and…
  4. Washing and house work had to be done.

…But did they?  Surely, I could have left it all for one day or a few hours to go and help.

The real truth is we all make ourselves too busy with our lives to make the sacrifices needed to help others.

Could you imagine writing your personal experiences down to be shared with the world all in the name of charity?


Then you will be surprised to hear that some amazing women have done just this!

‘Stories of She’ was released on the 16th March 2017 to do just that.  13 incredible women have bared their tragic stories all in the name of charity, as book sales will raise funds for two charities (Break and Nelson’s Journey).

Their stories include those of baby Loss, sleep issues, eating disorders, and abuse; just to name a few.  Some of the women even posed for the cover of the book with no make- up on!  Could you do that?  Not many women would have the confidence to show themselves in this way, but they have done so to help, encourage the confidence, and inspire other women.

The book was compiled and published by Serena Fordham.  It is hoped that women will read these stories and see that they are not alone when facing dark experiences, and that there is help and support there for them.

Get your ‘Stories of She’ e-book here,  or order a paper copy here.

Written by Kerri Page, CEO at Glow Virtual Assistants

Kerri’s background is in small-medium size business, from administration to managing teams and their workloads. She’s handled high-profile contracts with prisons, hospitals and military bases and has been responsible for emergency call out contracts which required immediate responses.

Kerri now heads up our Property Division, managing holiday rentals, student lets and various properties for our clients.

Contact her through

Welcome to the First HER Conference

The first HER Business, Body and Life Conference 2018, was hosted at Epic Studios on 8th March, to celebrate International Women’s Day!

Serena Fordham, Founder and CEO of Her Business Brew opened the conference with the following speech.

For those who don’t already know me, I’m Serena Fordham, Founder and CEO of Her Business Brew, and around this time last year our women’s network celebrated it’s second birthday by hosting an intimate Posh Pyjama Party.  It is incredible how a year down the line, we are now celebrating our 3rd birthday with all of you amazing women in this amazing venue!

So much has happened at Her Business Brew in the last year or so –

  • We have grown from one meeting location to four
  • We have published Stories of She (a book about women-related issues)
  • We have hosted our first retreat, which brought together entrepreneurs to learn business related skills, as well as being lots of fun!
  • We have created the Her True Colours Calendar for 2018 (which the first 50 of you through the doors today should have received in your goodie bags)
  • We have launched For HER, which is a women’s online chat show, to connect, support and inspired women everywhere!

Looking forward to the next year –

  • We will be holding our next retreat on 28th to 30th September, which is open to all women, either in business or not, as there will be something for everyone!
  • We will be launching our additional new website which will be aimed at all women, and will be the new home of the HER Conference, Retreat, Stories of She Book, Her True Colours Calendar and the For HER chat show. This means that will focus more towards increasing meeting locations and membership, as well as connecting entrepreneurs and creating more business opportunities.
  • We hope to host this HER Conference again next International Women’s Day, and we hope you can join us again!!

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to say a few thank yous before we begin the day, so thank you to:

  • All our event sponsors – Especially our headline sponsors Trusted Law and East of England Coop
  • Our speakers – Davina Tanner OBE, Ursula Tavender and Rachel Welch
  • Our masterclass hosts
  • All our stand holders
  • Linda Thursby and all at Epic Studios for letting us take over this incredible space for the day
  • Our events team for today – especially Natalie Chapman, Lorraine Brooks, Kerry Groves, Natalie Davies, and the Inspired Youth Sparks Team
  • Special thanks to Ros, Rebecca and Kerri (who have worked hard with me behind the scenes to bring all this together!)
  • Thank you again to Linda Thursby who has also donated a voucher for Barn Therapy Centre for our ticket prize draw, which you can join in with on the Her Business Brew stand near the entrance. We will draw this after the event and announce on social media.

Thank you to you all for supporting Her Business Brew, Norfolk’s fun and friendly women’s network.  You can find us online at

Happy International Women’s Day from myself and the Her Business Brew Team!

You can find out more about the first HER Conference (#HerConfNorfolk) HERE