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    Serena Fordham

    Serena Fordham is an expert Business Strategist, Growth/Development and Empowerment Mentor to Female Entrepreneurs; as well as a best selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and successful multiple Business Owner.

    Her main passion is offering business strategies, support and empowerment to ambitious and high vibe business women through HER Business Revolution.

    However, she is also known for her organisation skills through owning Glow Virtual Assistants, and for her support of women and child related charities (also founding two charitable initiatives – Mums Empowerment Movement and SociaBubble).

    Contact Serena at

    Hannah Blair

    Hannah Blair is a qualified Life Coach with a passion for helping support individuals with chronic illnesses and/or mental health issues.

    Having been born with physical disabilities and being diagnosed with a mental health issue in her teenage years, Hannah knows just how hard day to day life can be sometimes.

    However, even though her journey has been full of ups and downs, with the support of her amazing fiance Louis and her two dogs, she has always had the strength and courage to never give up.

    Hannah is excited to grow HER Business Revolution near her home town of Darlington, North UK, and is most looking forward to meeting and helping as many business women as possible, so they feel part of something and don’t feel alone on their journey.

    Contact Hannah at

    Carol Robinson

    Carol Robinson is an experienced marketing, advertising and events organiser.

    She moved from London to Norwich in 2018, having worked on high profile client accounts such as Jaguar Land Rover, Barclays, Aviva, Fiat, Dove and lots of amazing smaller brands for 20 years.

    She’s an entrepreneur, having founded One of a Kind Club (confidence inspiring jewellery brand based in Norwich), a jewellery designer, a maker, a motivator and a marketeer.

    Carol loves to empower women and give them confidence, and she thrives on overcoming challenges and getting the best results from anything she undertakes.

    Contact Carol at

    Cindy Wallis

    Cindy Wallis comes from a finance background and has always loved hiding behind numbers. But time to reflect and reevaluate during the 2020 lockdown has meant she has stepped out of the shadows.

    Since she lost her husband some years ago it has been a difficult time for her and her done, and it took some time for her to find her feet again. But now she is back doing creative stuff she enjoys, and fulfilling her original dream of working in the beauty industry.

    She is training to become a Nail Trainer alongside her beauty business and is embracing all the opportunities that she is attracting to help her to create a better life and safer environment for her and her son.

    She loves what HER Business Revolution stands for and is delighted to develop the Midlands South area to support the wonderful woman in her area.

    Contact Cindy at

    Shelley Rudling

    Shelley Rudling has successfully managed a local charity/business for the past 7 years. During this time she has developed a wealth of skills and experience in all business related administration. Specialising in Customer Relations she has a passion and drive for event planning and fundraising with an excellent track record of successful events behind her.

    She also works part-time at a local school as a Teaching Assistant, supporting and encouraging children to do the best they can, and a Child Welfare Officer for the Norfolk Football Association.

    Her greatest passions in life are spending quality time with her family and two dogs, exercising daily and walking through nature.

    Her goal is to inspire women internationally, and give them the belief that most things are possible – no matter who they are or what life events are thrown at them – and of course, to put a smile on everyone she meets.

    Contact Shelley at

    Melissa Compton
    Melissa Compton is the Director/Editor of Norwich Nights Ltd, which produces Norwich Nights Magazine and The South Wales Connection. She is also an Author and Poet, and has qualifications in Business Administration, Accounting, Nutrition, English and Media.
    Her previous experience includes Hospital Catering, Business Administration, writing reviews for Cardiff Times Magazine, self-publishing 2 poetry books and running Cardiff Let’s Talk Theatre Blog, and she has also worked with Journal Publishing PLC, The Sussex Autistic Society, and as a course representative at Cardiff Metropolitan University on their Creative Writing course.
    Melissa’s main passions are to travel, review theatre and food, and do all forms of dancing. She has spent time in many countries, but after living in various different areas is now based in Swansea, where she is delighted to organise events for our Superwomen Members from there!