Emma Holmes: Things I wish I’d known sooner in business

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Whether it’s New Year’s Resolutions in January, a back to school style refresh in September or goal planning in December… Every minute, hour, day, week and month is the opportunity for a new start.  It’s filled with possibility.  It’s yours for the taking.

BUT, what seems to be happening is that you’re not taking it.

Am I right?

You are sat on it… Waiting to have your ducks in a row or your opportunities lined up or whatever it is you are telling yourself you ‘need’ before you get started.

You know you have so much more to give than you’re currently giving. To life, to the world, to yourself, to your family.  There’s so much inside you that you want to be, do, have and achieve and so many souls out there that could benefit from that thing you are sitting on.

You know that there’s a burning desire inside you to start a business or even to start taking that business seriously. You’ve mulled this one over for far too long now!

The decision to not make a decision is a decision to stay stuck.  It’s a decision to stay exactly where you are.

Do you want things to be different or not?

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Starting out or stepping up in your business isn’t a whimsical decision.  It’s not a “aaaahhhhh, ok then we’ll give it a bash” kinda choice, because you have to be all in. You have to harness your passion and drive and be prepared to learn new things.

So, is it time to make this decision?  Time to step up?  Time to get this shit started?

Yup? Awesome!

The first steps of growing a business can be easy to procrastinate over.  You can get overwhelmed at every turning and you can get stuck, stuck, stuck in the unimportant stuff like xx, xxx and xx.  You give masses of gravitas to the shit that doesn’t matter and not enough time to the stuff that does.

So, I’ve decided to share with you the things that I wish I’d known sooner in business;

You don’t have to have your business name, brand or logo sorted

This stuff can keep you super stuck.  Think about what your business stands for, look for longevity and for the sake of all things holy make a bloomin decision and just get started.  This stuff will change and evolve very quickly.  At the very beginning you probably won’t know exactly what the look and feel of your business should be, but this will develop over time and become clearer as you and your biz evolve.

If you have the budget then invest in a graphic designer, BUT if you don’t then simply get started and work it out along the way.   Don’t get embroiled in designs that you don’t love.   The minute you put something out there that you don’t like is the minute that you will put a block in your own way.

Work out what you’re all about ASAP

What lights you up?  What are you super passionate about?  What is your mission behind this business?  Go through these questions and brainstorm some ideas.  Your mission is so important to help you gain clarity and stop you getting side-tracked with stuff that ain’t important.

Figure out who are you here to serve

Now, you may or may not have come across the ideal client concept before.  I am not a fan of an ideal client avatar, instead I’d like you to focus on the commonality of your clients.  What are their problems?  What are their dreams?  What stories are they currently telling themselves?  Where are they getting in their own way?  How will your product or service change their world?

Get out of your own way

Go to that networking event, press publish on that social media page, write a blog, make that approach.  Where I come from there is a little saying “shy bairns (children) get nowt.”  If you don’t ask then you don’t get.  Likewise, if you don’t take action then you won’t get results.

Imperfect action is better than no action at all

Waiting for ‘perfect’ is a BIG mistake! Perfect never comes.  There’s always space for improvement.  ALSO, chances are that your version of perfect for yourself if a MUCH higher standard than anyone else’s expected standard.

There are no secrets to a successful biz

Don’t be fooled by the whole ‘I make a gazillion quid in 3.6 secs working 20 minutes a week’ hard sell. Don’t be drawn into the ‘one secret ingredient you are missing.’ ploy  This is merely marketing.  There are no secrets.  Yup, there are foundations that you are going to need to put in place.  Yes, you will be learning new things and absolutely you are going to need to embrace tech BUT none of this stuff isn’t learnable.  You don’t need access to any secret codes.

Stop looking at other people

I know that it is very tempting to view other people in your niche as ‘competition’” and to start to look on and compare yourself.  The first thing to know is that no-one does/will do what you do the way that you do it.  Secondly, if you add yourself into your business and give your business personality then no-one can be you.  You also don’t need to start to compare yourself and use phrases like ‘I’m behind.’  Now, what exactly is this thing that you profess to be behind?

Side step vanity early

Lots of people are desperately seeking a list of x,000 or a Facebook page with y,000 followers but the numbers are purely vanity.  I look to target growth but I’d rather smaller growth of the right people than large scale growth of people who didn’t give a damn.  Look to build your crowd with people who are aligned to your message; with people who you can truly serve and people who are the perfect match for you.  It’s much better having a smaller crowd who are into you than a larger crowd of ambivalent fans.

Know that there will be every emotion

When you first start out you are going to step directly onto a roller coaster ride.  There’ll be highs and there will be stomach left behind kinda lows.  You are going to learn loads about yourself and it’s ALL GOING TO BE WORTH IT.

Patience is key

You need to be consistent when you are growing your business and consistency doesn’t happen overnight.  When I have been talking to one of my friends/colleagues and Rockstars we have said it’s like chugging uphill.  Initially you feel the slog, it feels like it’s an uphill struggle, it can feel hard at times and you wonder if you will ever get your break, whether things will ever come together.

So often when I am coaching my Rockstars I can see the sweat and hear the swear words but I can also see the tipping point, I can see them approaching the top of the hill and being ready to accelerate down the other side, this is where things seem easier, where you begin to flow and it feels likes it’s much easier and more sustainable – it’s magic.

Still interested? Then just get started. You can do it!

Emma Holmes is CEO & Founder of Rebels & Rockstars – best described as a ‘hatchery’ for entrepreneurs with soul!

Emma helps heart-centred and soulful entrepreneurs to build big businesses without the icky, pushy tactics that come with most strategy and advice.

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