‘Expert’ Versus ‘Influencer’ – Spot the Difference?

We are in the day and age where social media is portrayed as being ‘king’ and everyone is bowing at his feet.

Where the rise of ‘influencers’ are presenting a new type of ‘celebrity’ and gaining thousands of followers like a huge flock of sheep!

I was reading an article in the Norwich Resident while relaxing on a spa day with my mum, which gave an insight into local female ‘influencers’ and their claim to fame, and upon reading it dawned to me…

These women are considered ‘influencial’ in society, and role models for other women due to the amount of followers they have, not necessarily from their experience, qualifications and expertise, and we are trusting them to affect our purchasing decisions and relying on their options and views to shape our realities.

Now this is worrying, especially for young women who don’t have any secure female role models in their lives.

If we think back in history (or ‘HERStory’) to strong female role models, such as Marie Curie, Florence Nightingale and Jane Austen, if anything, these women went against the grain and challenged the norms, meaning that they were not always popular with the majority and didn’t always have a massive amount of support – but these are the women that have changed our world for the better.

While chatting with one of HER Business Revolution’s new Area Event Managers I was introduced to a book Be More Pirate (you can view a speech from the author at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOLeQg-DN10).

This is all about challenging the norms and going against rules that are just BS, and being more pirate to evolve the way things are done to make for a more effective, efficient and better society all round.

And that’s what HER Business Revolution stands for – our tagine Because we are all Superwomen, means that we are inclusive to all women and are passionate about supporting all women to achieve their full potential, plus we challenge traditional training and popular ‘influencer’ trends and evolve new ideas to suit each individual women who is a part of it.

I don’t give a shit about numbers in terms of how many followers I have, how popular I am, etc etc – I care about each individual woman I meet, their views, opinions and lives, and want to support them as best I can so they are a huge success (however that looks like to them!)

To me you are a person, not just a number – and an incredible and beautiful superwomen at that – so here’s me revolting against those who ‘influence’ in favour of those who are true experts and really care about who they are serving.

Be yourself, change the world…

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