Fed up of the game of (copy)cat and rat???

Believe it or not, business copy cats are not all A-holes! 

With the opening up of the online space and competitiveness that social media has brought with it means that we are all copying others to some extent, by seeing ideas and modifying or developing them and shaping them to become our own. 

Now this kind of thing is OK because… 

1) That idea probably started out as someone else’s and was already an adaption, so creative licence has already been applied again and again from the original concept! 

2) As long as you put a unique and original spin on it, and are being true to yourself and your potential clients then you are not damn right imitating someone else! 

What’s not OK is what I have seen lately.  

A few incredibly talented and genuine women in business have their ideas, content and branding totally stolen from them, by another person who was close to them or a competitor who has only suddenly appeared as an ‘expert’! 

This is so not cool, and it’s not nice to see women who have put in years of hard work and commitment to their businesses being hung out to dry by cheap imitations. 

One associate of mine trained her business partner and introduced her to the industry, then in the next breath this woman was selling the same products and going behind my associate’s back undercutting and pricing her out of the market. 

Another amazing lady who works in a unique business sector was gutted after seeing a new local competitor use the same website wording to promote her products and services. 

And I’ve had it done to me too.  

People that have worked closely with me and even in my businesses (who I previously gave a lot of my time, energy, love and money to) pinch my ideas, clients, and even try and use one of my business’ names. 

And I’m telling you it feels shit.  

Especially in the situations where the victim is usually a woman who has given and invested so much to the copycat, only to be knifed firmly between the shoulder blades by them. 

But do you know what’s interesting?  

Consumers are pretty savvy and can usually smell a rat a mile off.  It’s like the classic example of the difference between proper Coca Cola and the cheap supermarket own brand bottle of cola – we can all tell the difference regardless. 

So my advice to any beautiful women who has or might in the future have their ideas taken or copied without any creative flare, individuality or development added, turn the other direction and carry on being your own awesome self. 

After all, you should be flattered that you are amazing enough to be copied, and if the other party can’t come up with their own individuality then trying to fake being the amazeball business goddess you are will come even more difficult to them! 

Sending Love & Good Vibes, Serena xoxo

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  • Emma

    It’s pretty shitty when you hire someone, teach them what you know and they stab you in the back to take your job too. Had that happen.

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