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For HER, the Revolutionary New Women’s Business, Body and Life Online Chat Show!

For HER is an online group focused around issues affecting women, in business, body and life, and is the home of the bi-weekly online chat show, where women discuss their viewpoints and opinions on women-related topics.

Serena Fordham, our Founder and the show’s host, is on a mission to support people to overcome the daily challenges that they are facing and to inspire women to follow their dreams, in terms of personal life, and their careers.

She knows only too well, through her own experiences and those of close friends, how hard some people can find getting from one day to the next, let alone chasing the things that feel too far out of reach.

What is an online chat show I hear you ask? Well, the specifics of For HER are as follows:

  • Different topic discussed bi-weekly – focused on business, body and life (including aspects of meditation, spiritualism and wellbeing)
  • Live with a guest to give different viewpoints, and audience the opportunity to comment and join the conversation
  • Dedicated YouTube channel so you can catch up afterwards if you can’t watch live
  • Exclusive offers and discounts offered by experts
  • Specialist coaching and mentoring offered by experts
  • Raising awareness of women’s groups and charities to help, guide and support
  • Connecting women together to share viewpoints and to support, empower, inspire and lift each other up!

The group and chat show intend to raise and expose an array of issues affecting women in all aspects of their life, as well as to raise awareness of charities and social enterprise projects that can help and support women.
With a lot of business education from industry experts, as well as exposure of positive body image campaigners, this group and chat show has something for every woman – no matter their background, age, race, size, shape, religion, etc, and all views are welcome, the only rule is to respect
that we are all different so have different opinions!

The idea of the For HER community is to keep the conversations from the chat show going so that if women are struggling to keep going right now, they have the assurance that they are not alone.

There are people who care and can help, but asking for help isn’t always easy. That’s where something like this group and the show comes in, as women can watch and listen, and be supported and inspired without having to say anything until they are ready.

Serena and her team are urging all women to be involved, and if you feel you need some encouragement right now, or you’d love to offer the hand of support to others, come and watch the show and join in the conversations

A conference taking place on International Women’s Day (8th March) will also support the aims of For HER. Get tickets and found out more


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