Welcome to the...


The 12-week intensive academy programme...


...for Female Entrepreneurs who are ready to CHANGE THINGS, UPSCALE, SELL MORE AND EARN THE INCOME they desire

- to live the life they deserve!

Imagine stepping into a life where financial abundance is consistent, and where you no longer have to worry about scarcity of money.

It is time for you to step into that dream life you

so passionately desire.

When your true purpose aligns with your business goals this is when magic happens, and your dream life becomes more than just a fantasy.


The HER Business Elite Academy consists of:

Week 1 – Discovery Contact – Determining where are you at now, where

you want to be and personalised actions to reach your goals


Week 2 – Back to Basics – Discovering your personal purpose and why you do what

you do


Week 3 – Building Solid Foundations – Focusing on knowing your ideal client and who

you want to work with and making sure this aligns with your personal purpose


Week 4 – Financial Consciousness and Money Blocks – Removing the limited beliefs 

you have surrounding money that are blocking you from financial abundance


Week 5 – Catch Up and Accountability Contact – Looking at what have you done, what

you still have to do, and your progress in meeting your goals


Week 6 – Language and Content – Focusing on the way you talk, write and how you

present yourself and your business both online and offline


Week 7 – Growing Your Audience – Looking at proven business strategies to build your

online presence, following and organic reach


Week 8 – Creating Your Offering – Learning how to package your offerings to make

the most impact and sales


Week 9 – Catch Up and Accountability Contact – Looking at what have you done, what

you still have to do, and your progress in meeting your goals


Week 10 – Launching Your Offering – Implementing action steps to launching your

offering successfully so your ideal client will buy from you


Week 11 – Promoting Your Offering – Using proven promotion techniques and

strategies to sell without the ‘icky salesy’ approach


Week 12 – Progress Contact and Follow on Steps – An indepth review of

your progress and setting follow up action points to ensure that you continue your

successful journey

Bonus benefits of being part of the HER Business Elite Academy:


Access to a locality of HER Business  Revolution business networking meetings for 1 year


⭐ Access to specialist mentoring from a

      professional, qualified and award-   winning Business Strategist,   Growth/Development and

      Empowerment Mentor


⭐ Access to all academy learning guides,   documents, templates, trainings,   webinars and workshops


⭐ Discounts off Virtual Assistant and       Support Services to help you grow your   business after the initial 12-week   programme 




It's your time to...

Start working smarter, not harder, to get your desired results


Understand the business strategies needed to create a super-successful business based on your passion


Step into the life you fantisise about every single day


Maximise your earning potential and reach the state of emotional and financial freedom using your business


Dream and think bigger, and create results from your business that make a larger impact on the world


Learn how to create multiple income streams to reach 6 figure months


Mix up and skyrocket your business model


Be 100% supported by an award winning Business Strategist, Growth/Development and Empowerment Mentor, as well as by your academy peers




To ensure that you align with the values of the HER Business Elite Academy, and to confirm that you are truly ready to commit to skyrocketing the profitability of your business, please contact me at serena@herbusinessrevolution.biz now!

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