How can Mindfulness help women in business?

Mindfulness I hear you say? Is that not about sitting on a cushion saying ‘omm’ and being all calm and relaxed? How can that help me as a woman in business, I need to get sh*t done how can I get sh*t done doing nothing??

Yes this is a common misconception and as a slightly obsessed ‘doer’ jumping from to do list and to do list trying to squeeze as much into my day as possible this is what I thought at the beginning. I even tried to meditate the first few times and thought this is ridiculous, I am so busy I can’t do this. Then the definition of mindfulness sprung on me ‘Paying attention, in the present moment non-judgementally’ ahhh I thought hang on I’m being super judgemental about being busy and the fact I can’t practice mindfulness, what if I was just to not judge that but just accept it for what it is? So this was my approach going forwards, I let the busy thoughts be, I observed the thoughts coming and going (What am I going to have for tea tonight hmmm etc, yep my mind went everywhere!). I’m not going to say it was easy, it wasn’t but was it worth it? Yes absolutely and this was what led me onto studying mindfulness further and becoming a teacher so I could help others, not only this but mindfulness made me so super productive and work smarter rather than harder that I was able to find the time to set up my own business.

So why does this work? Well firstly a bit of science, this helped me to think about what my brain was doing and how it was helping me. The part of the brain that deals with stress and anxiety actually shrinks when we practice mindfulness regularly so this makes us more resilient so those knock backs and stresses we get as business women we become more resilient to and able to move on and think creatively and productively rather than our brains shutting down getting ready for flight or fight and not being generally useful. This is also helped by the fact we grow areas of the brain responsible for learning, memory and emotional regulation when we practice regularly too. As business women having brains that can think more creatively and we remember and learn more things are really key as well as being more resilient to stress and anxiety in today’s world.

So take some time to notice what’s going on in your senses, sit and focus on your breathing or scan through your body noticing how each part is feeling, it’s not about sitting on a cushion and saying ‘ommm’ (unless you like doing that then that’s totally fine!)…slow down to speed up this is what can really help you be at your best and smash those business and life goals!

If I can help you with your mindfulness practice or you would like to join one of my courses please get in touch.

Mindful and Kindful Vibes


Gemma Sandwell

Mindfulness Teacher & Chief Happiness Officer


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