Knowing this would have saved me so much heartache, and time!

As a mom I understand how hard it can be to make ends meet if there is not enough money coming in to the household and I know that often the tempting option is to go and get a job for the regular income it provides. But that robs you of time with your children in exchange for a temporary solution, and believe me, there is no real future in it.

On the other hand, the prospect of creating and growing a business of your own is something you would probably put off for a few years, if it is something you have even considered at all. You might wonder how it’s possible to grow a business without sacrificing your family or your sanity, at least if it’s going to generate some serious income, right?

That is why I was so thrilled when my friend, and fellow entrepreneur, Andrea Koochin, told me she was hosting an interview series all about making money as a mom running a business from home. The project was born out of her research into how entrepreneur moms are doing business and being present for their kids and their partners at the same time.

It’s called Mama Millionaires: How to Create Prosperity in the Business of Your Dreams Without Sacrificing Your Family or Your Sanity and as a participant in this project, I’m able to give you free access to it, so click this link to register. This video series is for women who want to make serious money, potentially millions of dollars, but don’t know what opportunities are available; have no idea how to set up and run a business and have a strong desire to be a great mom who is there for her children.

Andrea has gathered together a group of highly successful moms who are running profitable businesses generating enough money to provide a decent standard of living for our families while being present for our children, and without getting too stressed or going crazy in the process.

Together we want to help you learn about the different options available and how to start and grow a business while being present with your kids, having time for your partner, enjoying your life, contributing to your community, looking after yourself, and making it all work. As a contributor to this event I am able to offer you a complimentary ticket to attend, so click on this link to register now. Just so you know, the videos will be delivered to you be email every day.

This is a great opportunity for anyone in my community who is a mom struggling with finances thinking the only option is to give away your freedom in exchange for a job which gives you the joyful prospect of two weeks at home with your kids every year. And, of course, that might not be you because you and I might be working together already, but it could also be someone you know. So, please share this link with them to help them see the light and let’s maximize the potential help and support we can give.

I would not be as successful as I am today had I not had a support system in place, but it wasn’t that easy to find, which is why I’m so glad Andrea has organized this event to act as a support system. With the help of the people in these interviews and the golden nuggets of information they’re going to give you, you will be able to create the life you and your family deserve.

So, click the link here to registerfor the MamaMillionaires video series right now. It would have saved me a lot of time and even heartache had I had access to a network of mentors like this when I was starting out. I am proud to be a part of this project today.



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