Beautiful Beings club 101

Beautiful Beings club 101
Business Name: Beautiful Beings club 101
Long Business Description:

Hi Im Kara, I am a proud Mummy to my two year old boy Mason and a beauty geek !!!!

Firstly I am a qualified Beauty therapist with a CIDESCO, which is ( blowing my own horn ) the highest beauty qualification available at colleges. I am 36 now and trained in my younger days ……. feel centuries ago, but 19 years back, I began my path in the first skin care clinic in Norwich where in those days Botox was new, this job developed my love for skin itself and the importance of skin health as I trained in cosmeceuticals ( which is a mix of Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics). I was mainly treating Acne and skin issues. The clinic also offered clinics where I would assist a Harley street plastic surgeon with his procedures and files. My absolute passion is to make people look and feel good inside and out.

I have worked from in various salons and clinics and also managed a salon too.

I then progreesed into teaching and assessment at City College Norwich and have now worked there 8 years.

After my maternity leave with Mason I went back part time and wanted something to fit in with my world of being a Mummy as I wanted to be as present as possible for the other 5 days.

I researched and stumbled across a company that quite literally blew my mind ……. called at the time Limelight by Alcone, this company had been in business for 65 years as Alcone and provided makeup and skincare to celebrities, film stars and the like. They grew so quickly and became a shop in NYC where Makeup artists in the celeb world would buy there supplies and use. Alcone decided to encourage MUA’s to earn money from sales to support a living to sell the makeup and become business owners initially. Bridging the gap between MUA and shops. This took off in the USA so rapidly, they decided to launch skin care after discovering how damaging chemicals are in the cosmetic world and launched Limelife as business Franchise that anyone can do and is available to anyone. This being said made them the very FIRST direct sales to offer Professional skincare and makeup. Alcones suppliers themselves such as, Kryolan, RMCA, Il Makige, Nars.
This immediately appealed to me as I have been in this industry for so long and couldn’t partner with anything less than a Pro range company and could use these on my clients too safely and worry free. Limelight decided to Launch in June 2018 World wide renaming themselves LimeLife by Alcone.

I had never been in sales of any kind but my business was to be a Beauty Guide for them and be able to supply the very best skincare and cosmetics to everyone. The suppliers Limelife use for the makeup range include Ears, Kryolan, Il Makiage, RMCA foundations, so essentially they have hunted down the best of the best from all the high end collections to make customisable collections in all aspects of Makeup and skincare.

I have been in awe of the transformations of myself and clients so far and how different using pro range makeup can change your look to be long lasting. photo ready and flawless.

The skincare itself is all leading bunny certified, Vegan and free from chemicals. The organic content is one of the highest I have seen thus results are achieved easily and quickly. There are Male and female collections for facial care/ body care/ shaving/soaps/ body etc etc.

I am available to discuss your skincare issues, needs and requirements and if needed a 1:1 or party can be arranged. I can also do Colour matching with our famous makeup to suit skin tone and makeup looks.

This is available in a number of ways to suit you, many people message/ call me, from this I can do a consultation and find the very best skincare /makeup routine for you.
I really hope to connect with you soon so you can discover skincare and makeup thats easy and effective and celebrity loved.
Please do look around my website below and see whats available, I can also provide catalogues and information on each product individually as required.

Much Love Kara Leigh x

Business Phone Number: 07748337754
Business Address: East Anglia
Contact name: Kara
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