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Beautiful Beings club 101
Address: East Anglia
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Hi Im Kara, I am a proud Mummy to my two year old boy Mason and a beauty geek !!!!

Firstly I am a qualified Beauty therapist with a CIDESCO, which is ( blowing my own horn ) the highest beauty qualification available at colleges. I am 36 now and trained in my younger days ……. feel centuries ago, but 19 years back, I began my path in the first skin care clinic in Norwich where in those days Botox was new, this job developed my love for skin itself and the importance of skin health as I trained in cosmeceuticals ( which is a mix of Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics). I was mainly treating Acne and skin issues. The clinic also offered clinics where I would assist a Harley street plastic surgeon with his procedures and files. My absolute passion is to make people look and feel good inside and out.

I have worked from in various salons and clinics and also managed a salon too.

I then progreesed into teaching and assessment at City College Norwich and have now worked there 8 years.

After my maternity leave with Mason I went back part time and wanted something to fit in with my world of being a Mummy as I wanted to be as present as possible for the other 5 days.

I researched and stumbled across a company that quite literally blew my mind ……. called at the time Limelight by Alcone, this company had been in business for 65 years as Alcone and provided makeup and skincare to celebrities, film stars and the like. They grew so quickly and became a shop in NYC where Makeup artists in the celeb world would buy there supplies and use. Alcone decided to encourage MUA’s to earn money from sales to support a living to sell the makeup and become business owners initially. Bridging the gap between MUA and shops. This took off in the USA so rapidly, they decided to launch skin care after discovering how damaging chemicals are in the cosmetic world and launched Limelife as business Franchise that anyone can do and is available to anyone. This being said made them the very FIRST direct sales to offer Professional skincare and makeup. Alcones suppliers themselves such as, Kryolan, RMCA, Il Makige, Nars.
This immediately appealed to me as I have been in this industry for so long and couldn’t partner with anything less than a Pro range company and could use these on my clients too safely and worry free. Limelight decided to Launch in June 2018 World wide renaming themselves LimeLife by Alcone.

I had never been in sales of any kind but my business was to be a Beauty Guide for them and be able to supply the very best skincare and cosmetics to everyone. The suppliers Limelife use for the makeup range include Ears, Kryolan, Il Makiage, RMCA foundations, so essentially they have hunted down the best of the best from all the high end collections to make customisable collections in all aspects of Makeup and skincare.

I have been in awe of the transformations of myself and clients so far and how different using pro range makeup can change your look to be long lasting. photo ready and flawless.

The skincare itself is all leading bunny certified, Vegan and free from chemicals. The organic content is one of the highest I have seen thus results are achieved easily and quickly. There are Male and female collections for facial care/ body care/ shaving/soaps/ body etc etc.

I am available to discuss your skincare issues, needs and requirements and if needed a 1:1 or party can be arranged. I can also do Colour matching with our famous makeup to suit skin tone and makeup looks.

This is available in a number of ways to suit you, many people message/ call me, from this I can do a consultation and find the very best skincare /makeup routine for you.
I really hope to connect with you soon so you can discover skincare and makeup thats easy and effective and celebrity loved.
Please do look around my website below and see whats available, I can also provide catalogues and information on each product individually as required.

Much Love Kara Leigh x

Business Phone Number: 07748337754
Contact name: Kara
Enjoying the calm in my counselling studio near Norwich
Address: 10 Orchard Way NR15 1NJ
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I offer counselling and psychotherapy via Zoom to people who want to improve their lives. You don’t have to have a problem! You might want to improve your relationships, work out your why, increase your happiness and confidence.

Sometimes we just want someone confidential to offload with, someone who won’t judge us or be hurt if we’re angry, so we can really say it how it is without fear of damaging them or the relationship.

And if you do have a problem you want to resolve, I have experience of dealing with most things from early childhood trauma to bereavement, self-esteem to stress and over-working, phobias, relationships and concern for the planet. However, I don’t work with drug or alcohol addiction because that’s not something I’ve specialised in.

My toolkit includes deep listening, empathic attunement, tools and techniques from transactional analysis and neuro linguistic programming, focus, challenge, laughter, support and encouragement.

I want to help you be the best version of you that you want to be 🙂

We are all works in progress, and it’s important to remember that decisions we made previously were made with all the resources we had available to us at the time: and we can change them now, knowing what we know.

I can provide one-off, regular weekly or monthly sessions, to individuals, couples and groups, tailored to what you want to achieve. NB Over 18’s only

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Business Phone Number: 07733001548
Contact name: Beverley Rayner
Which HBR meeting(s) can people find you at?: Norwich
Claire Gurney, Physiotherapy, Pilates + Wellness
Address: Treat Norwich, Capitol House, Heigham street, Norwich, England, NR24TE NR24TE
Long Business Description:

Chartered Physiotherapist with 10 years experience working in the health, fitness and rehabilitation.
Helping clients to overcome pain, injuries and long term conditions, to return to living a life they love.

*Online Physiotherapy appointments for muscle and joint problems
*Face to face Physio appointments for problems that cannot be assessed and treated online (e.g acute injuries, severe pain, “flare ups” of past injuries)
*Online Pilates classes and individual appointments – fitness or clinical Pilates
*Nutrition and Fitness advice
*Specialist online exercise training for cardiac rehabilitation and cancer patients
*From 4th July 2020 (subject to review) and pre-co-vid – massage therapies and Chinese cupping

Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in musculoskeletal physiotherapy (muscle and joint problems).
Helping busy men and women overcome injuries from work or sport, helping those with long term conditions (such as arthritis and fibromyalgia) to manage their pain and continue to live the life they love.

Claire has completed further training in musculoskeletal women’s health (helping women to manage aches and pains associated with pregnancy, birth and the menopause), Cardiac rehabilitation (exercise to help people manage and recover from cardiovascular disease, e.g. hypertension, post-heart attack) and cancer rehabilitation (exercise to manage and reduce fatigue and post-surgery muscle/joint tightness for those with cancer)

Pilates –Claire offers individual appointments and classes for small groups, Claire has held day and residential Pilates retreats. Since co-vid 19 – she has launched online Pilates sessions on skype and zoom as well as online physiotherapy appointments.

Since 1st June “Physio clinic” has resumed to help clients with injuries and severe pain that cannot be treated online.

Claire is based in Norwich (UK), current “work homes” are Treat Norwich Complementary health clinic and Recover Physiotherapy.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 07776044304
Contact name: Claire Gurney
Which HBR meeting(s) can people find you at?: Norwich
Debi Haden
Address: The Coach House @ Holly House
The Street
Swanton Abbott

NR10 5DU
Long Business Description:

I’m Debi, life & business mindset coach, and the founder of women’s confidence & empowerment programme ‘She Who Dares Shines’ and couples coaching programme ‘Re-Connect’
Clients come to me for all sorts of underlying reasons but ultimately what everyone has in common is the desire to improve an aspect of their life and be happy. My role is to work with them to achieve a positive solution and move forward towards the life they desire.
By working with me you will;
• Gain confidence & self-esteem
• Clear the ‘head fuzz’ and find your clarity and ‘calm’
• Find ‘YOU’
• Improve your relationships
• Develop coping strategies for managing stress, anxiety and depression
• Learn to manage the challenges of life and create the balance you desire
• Find your focus & motivation and create goals that work for you
• Create the life you truly want and never imagined you could have!

Since 2004 I’ve supported hundreds of people through changes in both their personal and professional lives, often both.
I consider it to be a real privilege to be part of the development journey and I love to watch my clients change and grow in confidence as they journey towards achieving their goals and dreams!
I believe with a positive mindset you can achieve everything and anything you want, and I work with my clients to achieve their wants, hopes, goals, dreams and desires!
Like many people I have faced my own life challenges, I’ve been where you are! I know that I would not be the person I am and be able to support others in the way that I do without these life experiences.
By combining traditional face-to-face or telephone consultations with the latest Internet technology such as video calls using Skype or FaceTime I can provide the very best and most convenient coaching and development support to my clients, which allows me to work with people all over the world, which I still find so amazing!
As well as my coaching and NLP experience I hold qualifications and have experience in stress management, mindfulness, trauma and careers coaching.
I received my training from some of the most inspirational and influential people in the coaching and NLP world including Dr Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, and Michael Neal, and continue to invest in my own self-development.
In terms of my business credentials I’ve had over 30 years’ experience of managing and developing teams and businesses.
My life and business experiences have shaped me as a person and remind me of just how lucky I am to do the things I do and to enjoy the support I have in my own life.
Throughout my life I have constantly pushed myself to do things that have taken me well outside of my comfort zone and definitely felt the fear on many occasions! But with each great experience I have learnt a lot about my own resilience and character, and it has given me the confidence and belief that I can do more and help YOU to do the same!
Through my own experiences I hope to motivate and inspire you to overcome your own challenges, help you to put your brave pants on and create the life you want to have!
I believe life is one great journey and we all go through it in our own way. My role as your coach is to assist you on yours, helping you to gain clarity in any aspect of your life and work towards making positive change whether it be a goal you want to achieve, a new positive habit you want to create or a life-change you want to make.

I look forward to starting the next part of your journey with you and can’t wait to see where it takes you!

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Business Phone Number: 07799 651675
Contact name: Debi Haden
Which HBR meeting(s) can people find you at?: Norwich
Eat Clean Be Healthy
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I’m Sofia, im a nurse and a mum and I embraced this journey to help other mums with many aspects of physical and mental health through Good Nutrition, our vegan and GF supplements and healthy lifestyle.. I faced so many challenges and tried many things so I feel I can support and advise other mums throughout motherhood ( either regarding weightloss or for those wanting more energy or just general wellbeing) .. I’m available to help you reach your goals, maybe inspire you and also getting you to inspire others by being part of my Elite team ✨

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 07480664397
Bath Bomb Line Up
Address: 71 London Road
Suffolk NR34 9YT
Long Business Description:

I have created a range of affordable bath bombs and shower steamers with high quality therapeutic grade essential oils giving an amazing artificial fragrance free, at home spa treatment to your bath or shower time!!

Business Phone Number: 07753133223
Contact name: Amy Marshall
Which HBR meeting(s) can people find you at?: MOST virtual meetings… attending mainly Norwich
Marilyn Woods
Long Business Description:

I am a FOREVER business owner with FOREVER LIVING which is a global multi level marketing business in 160 countries. We sell 100% natural aloe vera and bee products and are the largest health and well being organisation worldwide. The company owns 6500 acres of aloe vera plants which are not harvested until they are 4 years old for full potency. They also own the largest number of beehives globally. My website is

This is a far cry for me and a leap of faith, from also working in the area of preventing child abuse at every level whichever way it happens

I am a regular guest on TV and radio and a public speaker.

Since lockdown, and therefore income having dried up being self employed, I was offered this opportunity. Never look a gift horse in the mouth is my motto. I grasped the chance and in 4 weeks it is doing really well. I work from home (we have to anyway now don’t we!) but this a job at home working your own hours and online, and it is a lot of fun and all training is FREE. All products go from the distributor direct to your front door by Fed Ex.

The products are brilliant. The plants are bees are cared for ethically and both are environmentally friendly, and act as a tonic for our immune system.

So if you also fancy a change or adding a new project to your life please contact me and join my team OR just buy 1 product and see for yourself.

I look forward to meeting you!

Business Website Address:
Contact name: Marilyn Hawes
Which HBR meeting(s) can people find you at?: Online
Simone Gilbert – Real Health & Vitality
Address: East Anglia Area
Long Business Description:

Are you flat out juggling multiple life roles and responsibilities and know it’s all taking a toll on you? Have you just about forgotten your own needs ? Have you lost “You”? You’re a successful entrepreneur or business executive who knows what it takes, invests in and nurtures your business but you barely notice your own priorities any more. You don’t have time!
I work with busy and stressed-out women – and men – whose health is suffering, weight “on the up”, secretly their confidence is dipping and they’re not quite sure what to do to re-balance themselves: Stressed, sick, sad and stuck. But they’ve decided “Enough!” (or their Doctor has given them the edict: lose weight/ improve your health “or else”). When they work with me they transform their well-being and reboot their confidence re-invigorating their life so they can enjoy all aspects of their world with Real Health and Vitality.

I’m Simone, crazy passionate Health and Life-Strategies Coach, Director of the UK Health Coaches Association and your #1 Wellness Advocate. I educate, inspire and help empower my clients to turn your fine into Fabulous. My focus is Your Health, Made Simple!

Business Phone Number: +44 (0) 7824644323
Contact name: Simone
Which HBR meeting(s) can people find you at?: Cambridge, Norwich