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Angela Adams Photographer for Business
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Help them know what services you offer within seconds of visiting your website or reading your literature. You only get one chance to make a great first impression, so clear communications in both pictures and words are important.

An easy way to find out is to ask a valued friend or family member, one who doesn’t know too much about your business, to look at your website and literature and tell you what they think your business sells.

We’re bombarded with huge amounts of visual content and written copy in our current fast-pasted lives and if we confuse we lose – our capacity to concentrate and read at-length has diminished.

P.S. When you look at an advert, which attracts you first, the pictures or the words? Both are important, however, research shows we look at pictures first and ‘then’ decide whether to keep reading or click onto the next topic.

1. A freelance career as a non-fiction writer/photographer, spanning three decades, helps clients with an insight into which picture styles and copy, work in a constantly-changing business market. Take a look at my testimonials page for verification.

2. My skill in Professional Interior Design helps design client sets and experiences.

3. My aim is to provide you with a professional product and outstanding customer service because I understand the importance of a job well done.

4. Disclosure and Barring Service, Enhanced Checked and registered with the Update Service. Fully insured by Aaduki Multi-media Insurance.

QUALIFICATIONS: BA (Hons), FSWPP Grand Master Photographer, FMPA, MMoS Master Photographer, Qualified Judge @The Societies, Institute of Occupational Safety & Health Certified, Mentor, Speaker.


I care about you, I care about your business and I care about your success!

Let’s chat today about how we can work together to help you and your business get noticed and attract the client base you want with pictures that tell your brand story.

If you read to the end… Thank you! ;o)

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Contact name: Angela Adams
Sonal Dave
Address: Harrow, Middlesex HA3 6RP
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I believe there are many paths for us to take, people to meet along the way and stories that need to be told. Let’s dare to dream together!

My name is Sonal Dave and I am one of the top Asian female Toastmasters, Ceremonies Celebrants and Public Speaking Coaches in the UK. I am passionate about my art. I call it art as storytelling and creating visionary environments is art. It’s a way of making dreams come true.

For many years I have been arranging top corporate, luxury wedding and community events through the UK and abroad as a celebrant or in the role of host or Master of Ceremonies. My work is renowned for its high end, luxury feel, I stop at nothing to ensure every step of my work is carefully considered and for this, I am highly sought after.

I believe in being inclusive and pioneering equality and diversity in all that I do. In 2004 I became a Magistrate and now sit on the NW London bench. I truly believe in giving back to the community and this is one way of working towards this goal.

I have led an exciting and varied career with extensive experience as a Civil Servant, philanthropist and Magistrate. Now I bring my passions together as one of the first Asian Female Toastmasters, Celebrants and Public Speaking Coach for adults and children in the UK.

I pride myself on being able to create exceptional and comprehensive occasions that will ensure that my partnership with you is not just for one event. I can conduct ceremonies and events in English, Gujarati and basic Hindi and support all levels of need when it comes to teaching the skills of Public Speaking and learning to Communicate with Confidence.

We live in a world where technology is taking over almost everything we do and the art of communication is slowly fading away. We need to change this and give us and children the opportunity to learn this life skill.

Do you want to make an impact when speaking in public on stage, at team meetings, at networking events, community events and so much more? Through my workshops, seminars and 1to1s I will give you tips on how to deliver talks and presentations that really make a difference. Share my years of experience from being on stage, tv and work. I can work with you to build your confidence and remove the fear, showing you that you can be a great speaker. I have a variety of coaching packages so you can choose what suits you.

Do you have children or are their children in your family who struggle when it comes to communicating with confidence. My workshops, 1 to 1 sessions and my online course will give them all the skills and tips they need to learn this life skill to lead a successful life.

I am an experienced Lady Toastmaster having been trained by The English Toastmasters Association and am a member of The Celebrant Directory. For those seeking unique and authentic celebrations, whether that be a luxury wedding, a private party, a corporate event, or remembering a loved one, the services of a Wedding & Toastmaster or Celebrant can ensure that your event is not only seamless but reflects your unique personalities.

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Business Phone Number: 07940 715666
Contact name: Sonal
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Sonal Dave
Address: Brookshill
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Are you looking for support to improve your skills to communicate with confidence? This could be for home, work, interview, presentations and so much more, then do get in touch. I run workshops and 1 to 1 sessions as well.

If you have a child between the ages of 4 to 16 then do have a look at my online courses allowing children to work at a pace that works them learning to communicate with confidence.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Business Phone Number: 07940 715666
Contact name: Sonal
Trusted Law Ltd
Address: Wymondham, Norwich
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Do you know what would happen to everything you own or your children if you died without a Will?
The law or intestacy dictates who receives your estate on your death, which might not be what you want, and there are no automatic rules as to where your kids will go as this will be decided by social services and/or the courts.
So why haven’t you made your Will?
The most common reasons are:
Presumption – you presume that those you would choose to benefit automatically will – this simply is not the case!
Superstition – you think that you are ‘tempting fate’ by making your Will – we have never known a client to pass away immediately after making their Will (excluding ‘deathbed’ Wills)
Indecision – you can’t decide who deal with everything, who will benefit, or look after your children – is it fair to leave these stressful decisions to your loved ones when they are grieving? Or maybe you’re happy for the law and/or Courts to decide, who don’t know you or your family at all?
Time – lack to time, or never ‘getting around’ to dealing with it – this is why we offer all clients home visits at convenient times, including evenings and weekends!
The reality is that putting off making your Will until it is too late just causes unnecessary stress and heartache for your loved ones.
At Trusted Law:
We offer all clients appointments in their own homes at a time to suit them – even evenings & weekends!
We are legally qualified and regulated by The Society of Will Writers (who have strict rules for all their members)
We will ensure that all advice is explained in clear language and will provide a free, easy to understand commentary.
We will provide a free upfront fee quote (where possible) with no hidden costs.
Contact us for your no-obligation chat with today!
Please call on 0800 2545 950 or 01603 339055
Text us on 07972 212355
Or email at

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Business Phone Number: 0800 2545 950 or 01603 339055
Contact name: Natalie Chapman
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