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Mums Empowerment Movement CIC

HER Business Revolution runs a Community Interest Company called 'Mums Empowerment Movement", whose mission is to empower and support UK mums back into work or to start their own businesses, plus provide a platform where mums can connect and share their experiences without judgement, while signposting mothers to other organisations to help with their specific problems related to family and motherhood.

HER Place

HER Place is a lounge for women (especially mums) to meet, work, relax and play with their kids, in a calm, supportive and wholesome environment. It is specifically designed to tackle isolation and mental health issues, and support with work and business progression post Covid-19.

It provides a space for:

  • Women/mums to work, meet and relax
  • Mum’s to play with children
  • Bringing nearby communities together
  • Training, events and workshops (especially aimed at supporting mental health/wellbeing and business/employability)

Guide to Motherhood Book

Mums Empowerment Movement’s Guide to Motherhood (Volume One) contains 4 inspirational, truthful and insightful stories of different aspects of motherhood, plus an nontraditional Foreword from MEM’s Founder’s 7 year old daughter Ella!

Written by various mums in the United Kingdom, each story shares a different experience of motherhood and birth, and offers an insightful tip to guide other mothers and expectant mums, and offer them advice and support, when facing similar situations.

This book has the ultimate aim to reach out to mothers and share stories that other mums/future mums can resonate with, and find comfort and hope when reading.

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