Pride is amazing, but how can the LGBT+ community ever be accepted if we are still fighting for equality of women in 2019?

Recently, from flicking through TV channels I stumbled upon a news report covering Essex Pride Festival, and the organiser was saying how it was 50 years since the first LGBT protest and that, even though the western world had come so far in accepting people’s choice of relationships, there was still a long way to go.

I fully agree with him – especially as women are still fighting for equality after over 100 years of the women gaining the right to vote.

Pride festivals are happening all over the world and provide a peaceful and colourful way for the LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Plus) community to raise awareness of the discrimination and hate they receive for their choice of relationship, love, sexual preference and the way they chose to live their lives.  But why should they have to seek acceptance or to be treated equally and with respect?

After all, it is the life of the individual that is affected by their choices, so surely the only person they have to justify to is themselves! Right?
I am always all for people standing up for what they believe in, and I fully support the intentions of the pride parades and events to raise awareness of their rights to live their lives without judgement or harassment.  But I couldn’t help but wonder whether this objective will ever be fulfilled?

Now, in 2019, over 100 years after women were granted the equal right to vote for the leader of their county in the UK, and after years of protesting, marching, arguing, fighting and legal battles to ensure women have the same rights in society as men, there is still a massive gap in this equality.

Women are usually expected to give up their careers to care for children.

Women experience the ‘glass ceiling’ when applying for high level CEO, Director and Board positions in the corporate world.

Women in general still receive less pay than their male counterparts doing the same job (the job role names are made different to justify this!)

Women still get talked down, disrespected, disregarded and belittled regardless of their education, qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience in all areas of life – whether at work, at home, or in society in general.

And who are the perpetrators of this behaviour?


So, I’m really sorry to say it, but while these CAVEMEN are being elected in our Parliaments, employed in influential corporate roles, and allowed to voice their unjust opinions and make decisions to undermine the equal rights of women, there is no way in hell that the LGBT+ community will ever see equality and respect in society either.

Something has to change, and together we have a voice louder than all of those small minded people (some of whom are women, may I add!) – so if you have an opinion to stand up for equality of everyone in society then make sure you voice it, and others will support you and follow your incredible example.

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