Revolutionary Franchise Opportunity

The Role…

HER Business Revolution are looking for motivated and energetic Area Events Manager Franchise Owners to organise and promote our calendar of yearly events aimed to educate, connect, support and empower Female Business Owners.

With the passion and drive to grow our successful network of business women, the ideal candidate will be responsible for:

  • Arranging networking meetings and larger business training, wellbeing and empowerment events in your area – including organising the venues and logistics, selling sponsorship and stand space, arranging speakers, and hosting the larger events to ensure they run as smoothly as possible
  • Communicating with network meeting leaders and supporting them with organising and promoting their meetings
  • Building strong relationships with our members and supporters, and spreading the word about the amazing products and services we have to offer!

The Franchise Opportunity…

Did you know that 60% of franchises start with one location? And this is true for HER Business Revolution!

Our Founder, Serena Fordham, started the company as one small monthly networking event in Norfolk in 2015 and since then we have grown substantially across the UK, and are continuing to look at opportunities to expand our Franchises internationally.

If you aren’t familiar with what a Franchise is, the dictionary definition is “an authorisation granted by a government or company to an individual or group enabling them to carry out specified commercial activities e.g. activity as an agent for a company’s product”.

But at HER Business Revolution we like to know it as a mutually beneficial business opportunity between us and our Franchisees to support Female Entrepreneurs, while making a good living for everyone involved!

Here’s an interesting fact – 75% of businesses that open on their own are gone after 5 years, 93% of franchise businesses are still open after 5 years.

The reason for this is that Franchise Owners invest their own time, expertise and money into their business, which means that both the company and individual Franchisee have a vested interest in the business, and therefore both want to make it a huge success!

Unlike a Multi-Level-Marketing Business, where usually a small upfront payment is required, a Franchisee has full sole rights to trade within their designated area, and no other person is permitted to sell the company’s services within the boundaries of that area, thus eliminating competition and ensuring that the Franchisee has the most potential to run a successful and profitable business in their area.

Also, unlike running a business on your own, a Franchise creates a shared liability between Franchisor and Franchisee, and the Franchisor provides the platform of an already successful company – as well as training, advice, centralised support/administration, exclusive permission to use brand, and all legalities relating to the company – meaning the Franchisee can focus on growing their Franchise Business and selling to generate income faster than a traditional business model.

At HER Business Revolution we use this business model because we value the Female Business Owners we support, and know that Franchisees have the most understanding of their local market, therefore we can work closely together to offer the absolute best services and events to these Business Superwomen!

Plus, Franchisees are always coming up with amazing ideas to support our customers, and as we already have all the branding, marketing material, social media following (and have already made – and spent money on – all the trying-and-testing), this means that our Franchisees are free to focus on putting together amazing events and growing the membership within their area boundaries.

What You Get…

  • Administrative Support – Worth at least £10,660pa/$14,650pa
  • Free office and event space – Worth at least £2,400pa/$3,300pa
  • Access to a speaker bank/done for you training sessions – Worth at least £2,000pa/$2,750pa
  • Online training platform, startup and marketing guide and ongoing coaching, support and mentoring to grow your franchise business – Worth at least £12,000pa/$16,500pa
  • Monthly Area Event Manager training calls and WhatsApp group for ongoing feedback and guidance – Worth at least £2,000pa/$2,750pa
  • Use of central CRM system, eventbrite, social media platforms, mailing list and website (Centralised Marketing, Social Media Management and Administration) – Worth at least £12,000pa/$16,500pa
  • Exclusive use of company marks, materials, activities and events in your specified area – Worth at least £2,000pa/$2,750pa
  • Funding to help with cash flow and to help you cover your franchise costs while you build your franchise business
  • Profit share of the whole HER Business Revolution empire after 1 year
  • Income of 75% commission on all the events you run in your area (paid upfront, in installments or afterwards depending on each event) – As a guide, large events equate to an average profit of £2,000-5,000/$2,750-$6,875, and small networking events provide the opportunity to attract guests to become members and sell larger events/membership
  • Income of 75% commission on all membership sales (paid in full the month after sale is made) – As a guide, minimum targets of 10 new members per month per franchise equates to £1,350/$1,850 income per month

What We Ask…

  • An ambitious and self-driven person who is passionate about helping and supporting Female Entrepreneurs to build bigger, better and more profitable businesses, while looking after themselves and their wellbeing
  • 3 year commitment with initial 3 month no payment term for full onboarding training (renewal available after this term subject to performance review)
  • Initial franchise set up fee, after 3 month initial term fee of £4,995/$6,875 + VAT payable via annual or monthly installments over the 3 year agreement term
  • Monthly service fee of 20% of event and membership sales, plus, 5% for marketing, training and events levy
  • A minimum of 10 hours per week commitment (which can be conducted alongside another employment/self-employment role)
  • The delivery of at least 3 large events per year and at least 2 small networking meetings per month (24 per year) within your franchise area, and a minimum target of 10 new membership sales per month (following initial 3 month onboarding term)

In Summary, We Give You…

Over £43,000/$59,000 Resources/Tools Per Year
And Over £31,000/$42,750 Income Per Year

In Exchange For…

3 Year Agreement, And 10 Hours Commitment Per Week
3 Months Free, Then £4,995/$6,875 Payable Over 3 Years

Join Our Team…

If you have already confirmed your Franchise Area with our team then please proceed to set up your payment subscription and access to your exclusive training area by clicking one of the “Join Now” buttons below.

If you haven’t yet secured your area, or you are interested in low cost finance to start you Revolutionary Franchise Business just Contact Us.


HER Business Revolution Franchise Annual GDP

£1,665 + VAT Per Year For 3 Years

HER Business Revolution Franchise Annual USD

$2,750 + VAT Per Year For 3 Years

Monthly (+15%)

HER Business Revolution Franchise Monthly GDP

£138.75 + VAT Per Month For 36 Months

HER Business Revolution Franchise Monthly USD

$190.97 + VAT Per Month For 36 Months

Our Franchise Areas…

We are especially looking to find franchise owners in the following areas:

  • United Kingdom – London, North Midlands, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and South UK
  • USA – All States
  • Australia, Thailand, and South Africa – All Areas