The Importance of Finding Your Tribe in Business

At the HER Networking Brunch to celebrate International Women’s Day 2020 I delivered this talk to inspire and empower the women there to find their tribe, and I wanted to take the opportunity to share it with everyone online.

With the constant rise and changes to social media activities in recent years, the importance of connections to promote your business have become increasingly relevant.  Both online and offline networking provide opportunities for powerful means of forming connections, which help you develop your tribe of business allies and supporters.

So, why is it important to find your tribe?

1) Accountability and motivation – Let’s not do it all on our own, particularly when it comes to being motivated.  We can spark off others, and in turn, provide the spark to others to keep them motivated and on the right track.

2) Sharing knowledge and constructive feedback –  We learn and develop better together.  We can test and refine our offerings and marketing/sales strategies, and ask for help with big decisions, as well as share advice, knowledge and expertise.

3) Networking and referrals – Networking is never all about trying to sell to who is in the room, but to instead make powerful connections to create the ‘snowball effect’, and encourage referrals from who they know, then from who those people know, and so on.

4) Collaborations – We all know that there’s strength in numbers, and a product/service you are creating could be even better with combining it with an offering from someone else!

5) Support and empowerment – We can lift each other up, encourage confidence and self-esteem to develop both personally and within our businesses.  You might even find that for a few of your tribe connections, the friendships develop closely, due to these having the same interests and life situations to you, and these are the people that will promote, advocate, support and guide you in life.

So, remember, everyone you meet is important, and never underestimate who they will know!  Treat everyone you meet with respect and as a queen/king!  Share stuff for free, and link others, as this is how you become valuable, along with knowing you are helping and support others to succeed in life and business!

This is why our Superwomen Membership Club is going from strength to strength as there is the constant need for self-employed individuals to join together with others for the good of their mental health, wellbeing and to prevent isolation.

So, if you are a talented, passionate and ambitious female entrepreneur, who wants to join a tribe of like-minded business women, then our Superwomen Membership Club is definitely for you! – We would love to welcome you in there to support you in rising with all the incredible business SUPERWOMEN in there!

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