Why Quality Should Always be a Priority Over Quantity in Business and in Life

Prompted by the incredible Illustrator of my new book “HER Funny Business” (AJ Wanegar from Farm Dog Designs and Books) who wished me luck in hoping that her amazing cover design encourages more book sales, made me consider how important quality over quantity is to me.

This was also a fitting subject of conversation during the evening of our first Changing Tables Networking Dinner at Bills Norwich (the same day as I published my book), as we had the capacity for 60 people, but due to holidays/life circumstances we have had a fraction of this number.

Even though this was the case the nine beautiful and interesting people that joined us for this fun-filled event made some powerful connections, developed some business ideas, and discussed possible collaborations over some delicious food and drink!

And, from their positive feedback, this shows that business (and life) isn’t really all about the numbers.

Going back to the comment from my Illustrator, my response was that if the book supports and helps at least one woman to better her life and strengthen her business, then that pretty much defines success for me.

With the focus on using social media to grow and succeed in business over the past few years, this has caused female business owners to develop a warped mindset that “more” is “better” – but this cannot be further from the truth!

As an example, I am currently working with a one-to-one mentoring client who has over 13,000 followers on Instagram, however is making no money from her business and is in huge debt.

So, smoke and mirrors would con most of us in thinking that, because she has all this attention on her and her business through this social media platform, she must be successful and making lots of sales and income from her business. This goes to show that quantity is not a true indication of how successful someone is!

As another example, the most successful networking meeting I ever hosted was one with just me and two others, which developed in working on one of the biggest and most profitable projects I had ever worked on.

This was because, with less people in the room, conversations are more in-depth, and relationships develop based on a quality conversation (as opposed to a quick ‘off-the-cuff’ chat when trying to talk to lots of people).

Hence, if I had decided not to run this meeting based on the numbers, then this would have resulted in a huge missed opportunity.

So my point is, in business we tend to look at the numbers – the amount of sales we make, money we earn, social media followers we have – but to be honest, in reality, this is all a load of crap!

If we focus on delivering quality first – then the quantity will follow!

What I mean is, you can have one ‘follower’ who turns into a customer, then do an amazing quality job for them so they refer you to another customer, who refers you to another, and so on.

Whereas, you can focus on wanting to have thousands of ‘followers’, but be so busy worrying about being popular in business that you don’t sell a thing, or when you do you give a shoddy service and that customer tells everyone about their negative experience!

This is why I have decided to support as many women in business as I possibly can, by offering free copies of my “HER Funny Business” book, as it is not about the numbers (the ‘money’ or ‘popularity’) for me, it is about providing Female Entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge and support to better their businesses and live their best lives…

…Because (after all) we are all Superwomen!!

Claim your free copy of “HER Funny Business” by visiting https://bit.ly/2m22DpN and following the instructions there!

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