Your Biggest Block to Success

What is the one thing that can really hold you back in achieving your goals?

Not advertising your business efficiently perhaps? Or working with the wrong people? Maybe it’s making bad financial decisions?

Yes, all these things will can certainly have a negative impact on your business, but they’re not as detrimental as one thing…you.

You can either be your biggest source of support or your worst enemy. It all depends on what’s going on inside your head.

Let’s say you achieve all the right qualifications for the business you want to launch. You do your training courses, create an effective business plan, source premises that are in a fantastic location, and find a gap in the market that you know you can fill in the most wonderful way.

And yet, your business flops before it even has chance to get off the ground.

You may scratch your head and wonder where you went wrong. You could may even tweak things and give it another go, only to find that success still seems an elusive mirage on the horizon.

What’s going on here?

Well, it could be the fact that you’re not fully believing in yourself. You may be sabotaging yourself, wither consciously or subconsciously, from being successful, and it’s this that it ultimately going to keep getting in your way. Maybe your self-esteem is lower than low, and you just don’t think you’re really capable or worthy of having a profitable business. Maybe you’re suffering from Imposter Syndrome and just waiting for someone to discover that you’re not as good as you claim to be and take everything away from you. Or, maybe you’re actually sacred of being successful. You have been best buds with misery and fear for so long, that having your dreams come true is making you feel anxious. How will you cope with happiness when you’ve never had it; surely something will come and take it all away again?

However it’s manifesting in your head, thoughts like these are going to do little but trip you up and get in your way. Self-belief is everything, no matter what sector your business is in. If you believe in yourself and the work you’re doing, there is nothing you can’t achieve. Your passion, enthusiasm, dedication and drive will make things happen for you one way or another. Where there’s a will there’s definitely a way!

So, how do you tell the negative voices in your head to leave you alone? A tricky one, and there’s no quick fix solution. First of all, know that you are not a slave to your thoughts- you have the power to choose what you focus on in every moment. But, when negativity has been your companion for a long time, it’s not going to simply step into the background because you’ve said so. This is going to take work!

In our brains are pathways that are formed through repeated behaviour and thoughts. When you try to change a behaviour or belief, it’s a process that takes time and dedication; ninety days to be exact. Ninety days of commitment to yourself to show up and change things to a more positive and healthier outlook. For negative thinking, that means that over a course of ninety days, become aware of your thoughts and the words you say about yourself and your business. Self-awareness is the first and most important step to change. Then, every time you notice yourself sinking in a bog of negativity, make the commitment to change it to something positive. For example, rather than saying ‘I’m bad with money’, change it to ‘Money flows to me easily and effortlessly’. You may not be able to catch every negative thought or word, but that’s okay. Just reaffirm your commitment to yourself and keep trying. The only failure comes when you give up on yourself.

Also make the effort to physically list all of your achievements to date. It’s easy to focus on our failures and shortcomings, but that’s not going to help you out of the pit of negativity. When you take the time to see all of your achievements to date, you’ll see just how capable and talented you really are. It’ll give you a big boost of self-worth, I promise you that!

Just because you have the potential to be your biggest block, doesn’t mean you should just accept this as your fate. This is your life; you get to decide on the path you take. It’s time to take back your power and help yourself to be the amazing success you are more than capable of being!

Written by Katie Oman – writer, psychic, coach and motivational speaker. Her book, Happiness: Make Your Soul Smile was published by O Books in May 2018. Go to www.katieoman.co.uk for more details.

You can also find her at www.facebook.com/katieoman1111 and www.instagram.com/katieoman1111

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